Dr. Sheryl Gonzalez Ziegler

About Me

sheryl.jpgDr. Ziegler is the founder and managing director of The Child & Family Therapy Center at Lowry. She is a Doctor of Psychology and Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Colorado. Dr. Ziegler is a member of the Colorado Association for Play Therapy and American Psychological Association.

Approaches to Treatment:

"I aim to strengthen families through insight, education and integration of life experiences. Psychological treatment is centered around increasing attachment, bonding and affect regulation. The connection between the mind and body is explored through conscious and unconscious approaches for optimal health."

Dr. Ziegler believes first and foremost in a systemic approach to healing children and families. She addresses issues surrounding nutrition, exercise, prenatal history, early childhood history, physical and mental health family history, support systems, medications and more. Her approach is strength based and family centered meaning that all of the focus is not on what is going wrong but rather building upon what is going right. Her personal style is honest, dynamic and gets to the root of the challenges. Her techniques come from evidenced based practices from several health related fields including brain based research of development and trauma and the impact these life events have on all aspects of the life span. She also incorporates science and philosophy for achieving mind and body health through thoughts, insight, awareness, relaxation and wellness.

Her specific areas of expertise are in treating children and families with a high level of dyregulation. That often means children have been diagnosed as having Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Attachment Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, Depressive Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Encopresis and Enuresis.  Dr. Ziegler also takes on a limited number of medical trauma cases referred by The Children's Hospital to support both children and their families while they are experiencing chronic illness and or serious medical conditions.

Dr. Ziegler spends approximately half her clinical time working with children and their families and the other half working with adults and couples. She sees individuals and couples on issues related to parenting, marital stress, family of origin issues and general life concerns. She also works with couples who are going through separation or high conflict divorce to provide co-parenting counseling. Dr. Ziegler also spends time every month doing school observations and reports at the pre-school and elementary levels for parents who have educational concerns. She does cognitive psychological evaluations for children ages 5-17. She is an expert court witness in the state of Colorado in the areas of child development, trauma, effects of divorce, family dynamics, attachment, parenting and systems of care.

Dr. Ziegler was the former Clinical Director and Consultant of Namaqua Center, a Residential Treatment Center for Children ages 3-12 in the Denver Metro area and a sister program of Larimer Center for Mental Health. In this capacity she oversaw the therapy that the children received and provided weekly consultation to the clinical, administrative and education teams. Namaqua Center was on the cutting edge of innovative treatments for children and their families, yet unforturnately was closed after over 30 years due to funding and capacity issues- a trend that is occuring all over the state and country. Dr. Ziegler continues to provide clinical supervision, live observation, court testimony, co-family therapy, play therapy, psychological evaluations, interactional assessments, training and consultation. She has been working with high needs children and families for over thirteen years. Dr. Ziegler divides her professional time seeing clients, providing consultation and presenting clinical trainings to parents and professionals around the state. In August of 2008 she joined Coaching for Life, a consultation group for families and professionals implementing regulatory work into their lives. Dr. Ziegler is an affiliate professor at the The University of Northern Colorado. She has taught Child Play Therapy to doctoral level students. Last, Dr. Ziegler most recently joined CereScan, Inc a high definition diagnostic neuroimaging company, as a senior advisor. In this capacity she was responsible for bridging physicians with the capabilities of brain diagnostics to better aid in evaluation, symptom diagnosis and care. In 2013, Dr. Ziegler co-founded Start with the Talk, a social-emotional educational series for pre-teen girls and their mothers.  This has been an extremely rewarding experience. Also, in 2013 Dr. Ziegler was appointed to the Board of Directors at Mount Saint Vincent, a residential and day treatment facilitity in Colorado serving children ages 5 and up.